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The beginning

Our mission

Trust & commitment

Why us?


Elite Property Hunters Spain was founded in 2017 by a Dutch couple, both highly experienced business people and very eager for results.

Back in Holland, they were running their own high class chauffeur service for the rich and famous. For more than 15 years they served clients from all over the world as a concierge on four wheels and provided them with all comforts they desired. This is the main reason they know about confidentiality and discretion which they believe is the foundation of a successful business.

In 2017 the couple decided that it was time to leave Holland for a better place and moved with their 2 kids to Alicante at the Costa Blanca. They discovered very soon that the property market in Spain is a unorganized mess. Especially for foreigners who are interested in buying property in Spain, the Spanish housing market is hard to understand.

Rules and laws seem to change almost monthly, Spain is teeming with real estate agents who don't speak any other language than Spanish and every region in Spain has its own rules.

The couple saw an opportunity to act as mediator for foreign real estate investors and  simplify the process of buying real estate in Spain.



At Elite Property Hunters Spain we support hundreds of property hunters annualy but each project is a unique and fun adventure to our team of hunters.


The connection we have with our customers is more than business only, we have the honor to find their new home and therefore there must be a huge ammount of trust. We make sure everything we do honors that trust, from our commitment to the highest quality of service we can offer, to the way we engage with our clients to find the best property according to their housing requirements.


Elite provides extraordinary customer services and will do everything within it's power to create the ''wow factor'' people do not expect anymore these days.


No more stress and frustrations, hours on the phone with people who don't speak your language or wasting time behind the computer.

Buying a home in Spain should be a fun experience! It is our mission to simplify the hunting and buying process of real estate in Spain for foreigners by offering exclusive hunting services on a No Cure No Pay basis.

But also our booking services for flight tickets, hotels and rental cars supplemented with meet & greet at the airport, ensure you that we offer the ultimate buying experience.



It is nice to know that your dream is in good hands while you continue your daily routine.​


Everyone can search for homes on the internet, how hard can it be? Well, in the Costas of Spain there are continual thousands of properties for sale.

When you are looking to purchase one of these properties it would take tremendes time on the internet for you to view all these before making a choice which one you would eventually visit and buy. Not to speak of the language barrier, the Spaniards are known for not speaking English in general.

Because of our great network of real estate agents, lawyers, legal advisors, translators and architects we are always up-to-date with current offers and are we able of finding the best deals in a short period of time. When outsourcing the house hunting process to our experienced hunters team, you save yourself a lot of time and stress.


Once we have found properties that seem to suit your needs, we will visit the property on your behalf and make pictures and videos. If required we can set a live video conference in order for you to attend the viewing live. Another important advantage for you is that we can offer you all the desired services indoors that are needed when buying real estate in Spain.