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when it comes to real estate in Spain


Spain has enormous benefits for people who want to live in Spain aswell as invest

a Mediterranean climate, excellent opportunities to travel, a robust transport infrastructure, as well as various socializing and leisure activities. 

Spain has proven itself in recent years to be an attractive place to live or for buying a second home. Despite the fact that Spain has struggled out of a crippling economic crisis, it is still the best place to live in the world. The wonderful weather, the welcoming people and the long beautiful beaches attract many foreign investors. Another interesting fact is that Spain is a UNESCO paradise.

You may not be able to speak the local language, but you will feel very welcome in this hospitable country.



House hunting can be a long and frustrating process. There are so many properties for sale, most of the houses you'll see won't be what you are looking for. Get through this process efficiently and comfortable by outsourcing the house hunting job to our experienced and eager Elite Property Hunters team.


Save yourself time and stress. We know the area, we know the available properties and we know the right people. Thanks to our years of experience in house hunting and great network of real estate agencies, lawyers, construction companies, architects and translators, we are always the first to know about available properties and are we able to provide you a personal way to find your dream house. No automatic online systems but personal contact with local people who work for you and you only.


When outsourcing your house hunting to our team, you can expect the following services from us: 

- Searching for properties 
- Communication with agencies 
- Viewings on your behalf 
- Negotiations
- Other required services


We start with a phone conversation at a time that suits you. After the initial contact we send you a mediation agreement.


Please note that we never ask money upfront. Only when you purchase a property presented by us, we will charge a percentage of the property value which will be discussed before starting the hunting process and will be included in the agreement.


We work mostly for high occupied business people from all countries all over the world. Our Property Hunting Services are suitable for anyone who is interested in buying property in Spain. Whether you would like to invest in real estate in order to rent it out, or when you are looking for the Spanish house of your dreams to spend the rest of your life happily ever after.


In the Costas of Spain there are continual thousands properties for sale. When you are looking to purchase one of these properties it would take tremendous time behind the computer for you to view all these homes before making a choice which one you would eventually visit for a viewing.